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Rookies & Cadets

Sunday: 16:00-18:00

Younger Members of the Lifesaving Club aged 8+ train on Sunday evenings as they work towards their Lifesaving awards. Members aged 8-12 initially complete  the Rookie Lifeguard Awards, starting from Bronze 1 working all the way through to Rookie Masters. Upon completion of these awards, the child will complete the Survive and Save programme. 

Through this process they develop their swimming ability, learn how to stay safe around any water enviroment, and gain Lifesaving Skills. 

Once individuals work through this process, members are able to train and compete with seniors, train to become instructors to pass their knowledge to younger children or volunteer to be part of the Aquatic Rescue Team.

Rookie Galas:

Rookies are encouraged to enter the friendly but competitive Rookie Galas against other clubs both Regionally and Nationally to provide an extra dynamic to their Lifesaving experience.

Competitions are varied throughout the year and consist of both team and Individual events, and test a range of lifesaving skills. Galas include:

  • Branch Rookie galas with Under 11 and Under 14 team events.

  • West Midlands Regional Rookie Gala

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