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SWLC FRU'S Outline

In addition to our regular safety patrols at events, South Worcester Lifeguards operates a Flood Rescue Unit which is included on DEFRA's National Asset Register. The team is made up of volunteers who have undergone training as Swiftwater Rescue Technicians enabling them to be deployed during flood emergency situations across the UK. In addition to this team members have opportunities to undertake training as Rescue Boat Operators, Water Incident Managers, Lowland Terrestrial Searching and Advanced Casualty Care. To become a team member you must be a minimum of 18 years old and be prepared to give a minimum 3 year commitment to the team.  


With funding from DEFRA, the National Lottery and CAF we continue to train and equip the team to work alongside the emergency services in times of major flooding. The team has been deployed to numerous flooding events around the UK including those in Somerset, Cumbria, York and Tadcaster and South Wales.

Multidisciplinary Team with a dynamic skill range.

South Worcester's Flood Rescue Unit, consists of a wide range of dedicated  volunteers from a variety of backgrounds including individual's who are members of the emergency services. The Flood Rescue Team is in a unique position to have members who are experienced within the emergency services and experts within the field of Lifesaving and Drowning prevention. 

This enables the team to draw from a vast array of experience, when faced with dynamic environments, ensuring patients receive the best patient centered care at the most appropriate time. Furthermore individuals from a none clinical background, provide an integral part of the team's dynamic and holistic approach from extracting patients in a Flood Environment to providing Advanced Trauma Care to members of the public injured in a flooding situation.

Through the South Worcester Flood Rescue Unit and the SLSGB Search & Rescue Resilience network, members of the unit are able to undertake the following training:

  • Level 1 Water Awareness

  • Level 2 Water First Responder

  • Level 3 Swift Water Rescue Technician

  • Level 4 Rescue Boat Operator

  • Level 5 Water Rescue Incident Commander

  • SLSGB First Responder

  • Advanced Aquatic Casualty Care Course

  • Lowland Search & Rescue

The SWLLC SWFRU is proud to be part of the SLSGB Flood Rescue network. This means in the event of a national or International flooding event, and there are not enough individuals to formulate a regional response team, as all SLSGB Flood Team members have received the same training, individuals from multiple regional teams can join together so they are able to mobolise to the Flooding event. 

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