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Competition Squad

Bringing the best out of your potential

Outline of SWLLC Competition Squad

The SWLLC Competition squad consists of a highly motivated and talented group of individuals who commit a substantial amount of their free time in order to compete at the highest level of Lifesaving Sport regionally, Nationally and Internationally.

The majority of individuals within the team have completed all of their Lifesaving Awards and also assist teaching younger members of the club.   

West Midlands Regional Pairs Heats 2018

Lifesaving Sport

Lifesaving sport is a competitive sport that gives children the opportunity to compete with others of a similar age in a range of disciplines that test their fitness, rescue capability and first aid skills.

Competitions start at the age of 8 - 14 with Rookie Gala’s where children take part as a team of 6 in a range of events from Bodyboard to swimming with an empty manikin and finally rope throw. 

Simulated Emergency Response Championships (SERCS) and Lifesaving Championships gives lifesavers a chance to demonstrate their lifesaving skills without having to be the fastest swimmer. In this discipline children take part either in pairs / individually or in a team to show their first aid skills and Lifesaving skills in a simulated incident.

Finally Speed Lifesaving Championships allow those interested in swimming style competitions to compete up to an International level. Age categories start at 12-14 and go all the way up to masters so even parents can take part. There are usually five competitions a year, with races including 50m Manikin Carry (full of water if you are 15+), 100m Manikin Carry with fins, 100m Manikin Tow, 100m Rescue Medley, 100/200 obstacles, 200 Super Lifesaver and rope throw.

RLSS Speeds 2019 (4)

Competitions available

The Competition Squad train throughout the year in order to compete at as many competitions as possible. Please see below a list of competitions available to members and potential members of the Competition Team:

  • RLSS National Lifesaving Championships

  • RLSS National Speed Championships

  • Simulated Emergency Responce Championships (SERC) - tests the initiative, judgement, knowledge and ability of 4 lifesavers who apply their lifesaving skills to an unknown simulated emergency situation whilst working as a team.

  • SLSGB Pool National Championships

  • Winter League Competition

Rookie Gala - Droitwich 2019
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