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Professional Safety Cover for Aquatic Events

South Worcester Aquatic Rescue Service

Our Aquatic Rescue Service is solely run by our hard working and dedicated volunteers who sacrifice their spare time in order to keep you and other members of the public safe at a variety of Public events in the community. 

Our team which holds a variety of of age ranges and experiences, are able to provide the necessary skill set in order to provide professional and effective water based or land based safety cover at your event.

South Worcesters Aquatic Rescue team has a long and successful history of providing both water based and land based safety cover for Local and national events ensuring patient safety through extensive processes if the main priority at ant event we attend. 


Ongoing Training for Aquatic Rescue Team & Club Members

In order for both ongoing members who have completed their Survive & Save awards, and members of the Patrol team, to maintain the highest standards possible and to avoid skill fade, training occurs at least once a week at another venue other than Pershore Leisure Centre. This predominately happens on a Wednesday evening at Sankey Marina - Evesham. 

The club has a structured process in order to provide continuous training throughout the year regardless of the weather. Throughout the Winter, First Responder training is undertaken providing key medical skills to all that take part in the training. Throughout the Summer, the Club put members through their Inland Lifeguard, IRB Crew & Driver training providing individuals with all the necessary skills to assist with providing safety cover to members of the public at public events.

Services we Provide

Through our experienced and highly qualified Aquatic Rescue Team, we are able to provide safety cover for any open water event or public event. 

In order to meet and maintain our high standards, any open water event that the team provides safety cover for, the team provides our dedicated group of Inland Lifeguards who possess IRB crew & driver capability. Furthermore our water safety managers coordinate the overall running of the safety cover for an event.

Thanks to our extensive First Aid capability ranging from First Responders to Advanced casualty Care, we also provide medical cover ranging from river festivals to national aquatic events.

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