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South Worcester Patrol Activity at Pershore Bell Boating 2019

On the 22/06/19 South Worcester Lifesaving & Lifeguard Club provided water safety and First Aid capabilities to the Pershore Bell Boating event which was on the river located at the rear of Pershore Leisure Centre.

The event run throughout the afternoon in which multiple races were undertaken by participants. Multiple teams who were present at the event, ensured that a constant stream of races occurred all afternoon which was complimented by the glorious weather which was present throughout the day.

The team deployed a safety boat and two rescue boards rotating positions ensuring that all participants of the event were safe whilst on the water and in close proximity to the water. No incidents happened during the event which showed the safety team were able to provide preventative actions in order to stop the risk of incidents from taking place.

With the great weather being present all day, this assisted in all members participating in the safety team, to enjoy themselves throughout the whole event. Many Thanks to Kieran Russell, Chloe Bigg, Luke Haines, Keith Hodgson, Alice, Ellen & Rosie Forson for volunteering their time and ensuring we were able to provide safety cover for the event.

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