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South Worcester Lifeguards Patrol & Safety Cover at Pershore River Festival 2019

On the 20/7/19, South Worcester Lifeguards and Flood Team Members conducted patrol activities in both water and land based operations, for the annual Pershore River Festival.

For this event, the team had one of the clubs Inshore Rescue Boats patrolling a section of the River Avon where water activities were taking place aswell as a treatment area if any First Aid incidents were to occur.

Aswell as this throught the day, members of the team conducted demonstrations to the general public showing the capabilities of both our Inland Lifeguards aswell as basic techniques used by our Flood Rescue Team.

Alongside this, our wonderful fundraising team comprised all of volunteers which is true for all members of SWLLC, ran a tombola to raise vital funds to ensure South Worcester can continue to provide & teach lifesaving skills and interventions to people of all ages.

Many Thanks to Adrian Mayhew, Abbi Jones, Kieran Russell, Chloe Bigg, Luke Haines, James Palser, Gerogina Forson, Baden Forson, Rosie Forson, Clara Forson, Jacob Goodall, Cathy Richards, Ethan Pett and Keith Hodgson for assisting with this event and ensuring that were are able to provide safety cover for our local town.

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