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Poole Beach Exercise 2019 successful for all involved

Over the Weekend if the 13th and 14th of July, members of South Worcester Lifesaving Club alongside members of Redditch Lifesaving Club travelled to Poole in order to complete a variety of levels from the Beach Survive and Save award.

South Worcester had x12 members attend this weekend with members completing Bronze, Silver and Gold aspects of the beach awards. This gave members the ability to practice, apply and learn more skills in relation to the beach environment, and to gain a greater awareness surrounding Open Water issues.

This weekend also needed the help and assistance of instructors from both South Worcester and Redditch, aswell as club members to assist with conveying the members to and from Poole. Many Thanks to all who assisted and helped with this weekend. Without your help it would not be able to happen.

If there are any individuals who wish to attend this annual trip you have to be 14+. For further details please contact South Worcester Lifesaving & Lifeguard Club.

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