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Op Nemo II : Flood Deployment Exercise

The weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of March 2019 saw 7 members of the South Worcester Flood Rescue Unit training with other SLSGB Flood Response Teams, from around the UK. Operation Nemo was a flood deployment exercise designed to check the readiness of teams for deployment, and then their practical skills through a series of testing scenarios.

At 1500hrs on Saturday, along with ourselves the teams from York Rescue Boat, Lancaster Areas Search and Rescue, SLSGB Cornwall, SLSGB Devon and BARB Search and Rescue reported to the strategic holding area at Sankey Marine, Evesham. Having reported in, the teams got kitted up, with the scenarios starting at twilight and continuing into the early hours. The teams got to bed at 0130hrs, but were called out again at 0545hrs for the final scenario.

All SLSGB flood response personnel are trained to the same exacting standards, which allows interoperability between the teams. This was again tested during the scenarios with personnel from different teams combining together to deal with the situations that were presented to them. 

Thanks to the Directing Staff, who ran the exercise. Without their time and effort planning the exercise and then executing it, this could not have gone ahead. They set some very realistic scenarios, which not only tested our technical and medical skills, but tested the ability of the teams to deal with logistical and communication issues, along with the need for clear leadership from the managers.

Thanks to Doug and SU, the owners of Sankey Marine, who hosted us and kept us all fed and watered and provided accommodation for us. Without their support this could not have gone ahead.

Finally congratulations to all those who participated whether as Directing Staff or as participants, everyone played their part in making this a successful weekend.

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