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Joint Flood Training Exercise

On the 18th January 2020 members of the South Worcester Lifesaving Club Flood Rescue Unit travelled to the River Dart Country Park in Devon to take part in a joint training exercise with other teams from the SLSGB Flood Response Service. The teams attending were from far and wide and included members from South Worcester, Cornwall Flood Rescue, Devon Flood Rescue, BARB Search and Rescue, Wessex Flood Rescue and Lancaster Area Search and Rescue.

Joint training exercises are essential in maintaining the team member’s skills and the interoperability between the teams. All SLSGB Flood Technicians are trained to the same standard which means we can all drop into another team, without hesitation, and with the knowledge that we are trained to the same level and in the same methods.

On arrival they found they could skate across the carpark due to the conditions, so it was essential to make sure they all kitted up with the right amount of layering to make sure they remained warm in the cold conditions.

During the day they attendees were split into three teams and were then tested in three very distinct and different skill areas. After which they came back together and were split into three different teams who then as a combined deployment dealt with a search and rescue exercise, which covered both land and water and went into the hours of darkness.

Overall it was a great days training ….. Even if the water was a tad chilly!!

Thanks must go to the Directing Staff, who organised and ran the day.

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