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SWFRU participates in National Search and Rescue Deployment Exercise.

Last weekend saw members of our Flood Rescue Unit along with other Surf Lifesaving GB Teams, from York Rescue Boat, Lancaster Area Search and Rescue and Surf lifesaving Devon Flood Rescue team, taking part in Operation Finding Nemo.

The operation was a deployment exercise designed to test the teams interoperability, search skills, medic skills and much more. Managers within the teams were also put to the test as they took it in turns to be in overall charge of the varying incidents the teams were faced with.

To add to the challenge the Operation, although commenced in daylight, continued till late into the night, followed by an early morning call out! This will be the first time some of the newer team members had had their skills tested in the dark. In addition at times there was more than one incident occurring at the same time but in different locations.

Overall an excellent training exercise and thanks must go to the instructors and their devious minds who set up the incidents and hid some of the casualties so well.

Also huge thanks to Sankey Marine who allowed us to use their facilities over night and provided excellent refreshments.

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