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South Worcester Lifeguards Compete at SLSGB IRB National Championships

On the 29/9/18 South Worcester Lifeguards entered and competed at the annual SLSGB IRB Championships located at Exmouth Beach. This is only the second time an Inland team has competed against some of the best Inshore rescue boat operators in the country, in which a vast array of individuals hold both national and international titles. The first inland team to attend this championship was again South Worcester who previously had a large amount of success at these championships a few years ago.

For South Worcester, these championships brings together a large amount of training which members have been undertaking on the River Avon throughout the summer which is an annual occurrence for the club. For a large proportion of the team this was the first time they have attended the event, and it was certainly a learning experience for all involved.

For this event the team competed in two events. This consisted of the Single Rescue event and the Tube Rescue. The team were successful in reaching the second round of the competition in the Single Rescue event where unfortunately the team only made the initial stage of the Tube Rescue.

Overall, the team had a thoroughly enjoyable day at this event and have definitely learnt and improved there skills regarding IRB handling.

Many thanks to Adey Mayhew, Luke Haines, Kieran Russell, Alice Forson, Sam Perkins, Chloe & Janet Bigg for all being involved in the different elements of the event. All involved are ensuring that they will be taking part in the event in 2019.

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