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SWLLC First Responder's provide Trauma care to RTC Patients.

Two of the SWLLC First Responder's have provided pre - hospital trauma care and assessment to an Individual who was involved in an RTC on Wednesday evening.

Alice and Ellen Forson witnessed the head on RTC and provided immediate assistance and assessment of the driver of the vehicle. They were able to utilise the skills they had learnt, in order to assess the patient for any immediate life-threatening injuries and undertake a thorough trauma assessment of the patient. As well as this they ensured scene safety for all other individuals in the surrounding area.

Upon assessment it was found that the patient thankfully did not sustain any injuries. SWLLC are proud that their members have been able to ensure safety of the public whilst undergoing normal day to day activities.

If you are interested in participating in a First Responder Course please visit or email for further details.

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