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SWLLC Safety Cover for Evesham River Festival 2018

On the 14/7/18 SWLLC Patrol and Flood Rescue team combined their skills and knowledge to provide both water rescue capability and Pre-Hospital Trauma Care for the annual Evesham River Festival.

This event is an annual highlight in the calendar for all Pershore and Evesham residents as well as all members of SWLLC. This event every year consistently attracts multiple thousands of people converge along a stretch of the River Avon, with a multitude of events taking place on and around the river.

For the safety team, the planning and execution for this event is a multi-stage process which occurs over three days. On the evening of the 13/7/18 there was a briefing of a safety team followed by prepping of the operational IRB'S and collection of medical kits.

The 14/7/18 was a long but fun-filled day enjoyed by all which lasted approximately 16 hours. The day started off with providing safety cover for events which were occurring from the river, followed by multiple demonstrations provided by the safety team show-casing the teams rescue capabilities to the general public. Throughout the day, the team provided assistance to an individual who had jumped from the bridge into the river and also provided care to multiple patients who has exacerbation of pre -existing medical conditions whilst at the River Festival. As the event came to a close, the traditional firework display signaled the end of the event for another year.

The 15/7/18 was when the team debriefed and cleaned all the kit that had been used the previous day. All involved throughout the three day process thoroughly enjoyed the event. Many thanks goes to Adrian Mayhew, Kieran Russell, Adam Milne, Alex Bowden, Georgina, Alice & Ellen Forson, Abbi Jones, Chloe Bigg, Joe Waldron, Janet Bigg & Sam Perkins for volunteering their spare time to be part of the safety team, in order for this event to go ahead.

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