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Pershore Bellboat SWLLC Safety Cover

On the 23/6/18, the Aquatic Patrol Team were providing safety cover for the annual Pershore Bellboating event located on the River Avon. The weather conditions for the day were ideal for such an event with clear skies present throughout the day.

The team were providing both water safety cover for all the races throughout the day and First Aid services for members of the public watching and participating in the event. Safety Cover was provided at the event from 11:30 - 17:00, which gave perfect opportunity for all involved to apply their IRB skills in an environment where we were able to engage with members of the public.

Much appreciation goes to Kieran Russell, Chloe Bigg, Luke Haines, Joe Waldron, Alice & Ellen Forson and Keith Hogdson for their time they have dedicated and volunteered from their busy schedules in order for the event to go ahead.

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