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SWLLC medical cover for Pershore Carnival 2018

On the 28th May SWLLC were privileged to be providing medical safety cover for the Pershore Carnival. This task was undertaken by a selection of the clubs First Responders and Flood Rescue Unit Personnel.

We provided medical cover from 10:00 - 22:30 during a humid and warm day. There was a large public presence

at the carnival which at points exceeded the multiple thousands. This meant that at all times the medical team were ready to be mobilised to potential patients. During periods of the day, the team dealt with multiple patients which provided the team with the oppourtunity to treat a mixture of patient groups. The team treated a variety of patients ranging from TLOC'S to Fractures. The exposure to these patient groups has given all individuals involved, a greater understanding surrounding team dynamics in a pre-hospital setting.

It should be noted that all fundraisers who attended the carnival notably Georgina Forson, Catherine Richards and Abbi Jones worked rigorously to raise vital funds for the club throughout the day.

A massive thank you goes to Adrian Mayhew, Luke Haines, Kieran Russell, Chloe Bigg, Abbi Jones, Rob Swoosh, Georgina,Alice,Ellen & Clara Forson, Catherine & Ethan Richards, Cameron,Helena & Mike Leach for providing thier spare time in order for the event to go ahead. All that were involved had a thoroughbly enjoyable time and look forward to the next event.

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