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South Worcester Awarded by RLSS Worcester & Hereford Branch

On the 9th May 2019, the Annual Worcester and Hereford Branch AGM took place at RLSS Headquarters. The AGM and presentation highlighted the continued hard work and efforts of all Lifesaving Clubs within the Worcester and Hereford RLSS branch which included South Worcester Lifesaving Club.

South Worcester were recognised by the branch as we received two awards for the club who had the most members receive their Lifesaving Awards and Life Support Awards. This could have not been achieved if it was not for the vast amount of hard work and dedication our volunteer instructors put in each week on a Sunday evening training session.

6 individual South Worcester members were awarded 'Friends of the Society' Certificates in recognition of their continued support and training which they undertake every week. These members were, Milly Young, Mia Robins, Jacob Goodall, James Andrews, Vanessa England and Clara Forson.

South Worcester Lifesaving & Lifeguard Club would like to thank the mentioned above members and all it's volunteers who dedicate their time to ensure that as an voluntary organisation we continue to support our aims to keep individuals safe in all aquatic environments. If it wasn't for all of your continued support we would no longer be able to run as a Lifesaving Club.

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