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SWLC Flood Incident Managers attend Master Class

On 9th October 2018 the SWLC Flood Rescue Unit Water Incident Managers attended an Incident Management Team Master Class at the Fire Service College. The course was hosted by SLSGB and delivered by Chief Jeff Dulin, Strategic Advisor of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. Chief Dulin is formally of the Charlotte Fire Department in North Carolina, who we have a long standing connection with, in relation to Flood Rescue.

The Master Class was attended by Flood Managers from across the SLSGB Flood Team community, providing us with a rare opportunity for all these volunteers to learn together and exchange thoughts and ideas.

Huge thank you to SLSGB, especially the CEO Tim Coventry and David Lane of Professional Rescue for facilitating this course and to Chief Dulin for his informative and thought provoking input. We all came away with plenty to think about moving forward.

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