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Medal Haul for local Lifeguards at National Championships - RLSS Speeds 2018

Over twenty different Lifesaving clubs from across the United Kingdom took part in the recent RLSS National championships at the Tollcross International swimming pool in Glasgow.

17 year old Alex jackson, a lifeguard at the Rivers leisure centre, was crowned National Champion after winning the 100m Manikin Tow in a time of 1:01.31. His success came in the last race of the weekend when he was able to use his new rocket fins following sponsorship from local waste company Grundon.

Earlier on in the day Alex jackson had also won a silver in his 100m manikin tow, two fourth places and two eighth places in his individual events, as well as three silver medals in relay events.

His team mates from South Worcestershire lifeguard club in the 12-14 year old age group also provided success with a Silver medal in the 4 x 10m rope throw for the second year on a row. Tom Clifford started for the throws after an individual 9th place, followed by Cameron leach, Jacob Hesketh who also achieve a 13th place in the individuals and closed by a superb throw from newcomer James Young. The boys also narrowly missed out on medals in their other team events with two 5th places in the 200m obstacle race and 200m manikin carry.

The girls team of Ellen Forson, Mia Robins, Lara Harding, Clara Forson and Alice Forson all achieved individual personal bests in most events. With Alice Forson notably achieving a 7th place in the extremely difficult 100m rescue medley race.

Team Manager Vanessa Eagland commented “I am very proud of my team, with over 90% personal best times over the weekend they all worked extremely hard”.

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